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WOMAN 2016

  • WOMAN is a collection of pieces that pushes this conversation into the homes and hands of women, literally. Much of the violence women experience is unseen. WOMAN is a testament to the resilience and beauty of every woman, and also a demand that we open our eyes to and address the insidious nature of these daily transgressions against half the human race. Every 9 seconds a woman in the world is abused. Rates of abuse, both physical and sexual, impact up to 1/3 of the female population of the world. SUPERFERTILE artist Kali Arulpragasam works to expose these atrocities through the creation of wearable art in her collection, WOMAN. For the past 2 years, Kali has labored tirelessly to fashion art that honors the strength and beauty of woman, while also highlighting the myriad of abuses shouldered by so many of the female gender. While the world continues to devalue women, WOMAN holds them high, but with an unwavering focus on the need for change. Hands grasping a woman's wrists. Controlling her. Squeezing her. Pulling/Pushing her. Hands wrapped around a woman’s throat. Cutting off her breath. Suffocating her. Choking her. Hands clenched into fists. Ready to punch. To knock her down. These hands and gloves represent violence and injustice against all women. These are the hands of her oppression. The loss of her freedom. The hands used in the collection were scanned and modeled from the hands of a man. Once scanned his hands were sculpted using CAD techniques, they are 3D printed and finished in gold, silver, or coloured chrome electro plating. WOMAN was funded by Grace Jones. Launched and exhibited at SELMAN MARRAKECH during Marrakech Biennale 6. Exhibition Duration | 28  February till 8 May 2016

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