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  • The Tourism collection sets out to overturn media representations¬†of the war torn areas of the world by presenting bold silver and gold postcard montage necklaces of the great cultural aspects of these nations. As with all Super Fertile work the message is pertinent and somewhat ironic.

    These Countries are listed as most dangerous to visit as Man, his weapons and his greed of war destroying and blow up civilisations, cultures, peace, architecture, everything to the ground. Kali (Artist) took it upon herself to carefully select the positive aspects, it's positive identity of each Country's charm unique beauty and attributes Hand cut images, dipped it in Gold and Silver to preserve the beauty of each country, A montage, postcard necklace before it disappears and vanishes. A souvenir for future generations.

    Materials: Brass. 24ct Gold Plating. All Images cut by hand using a very small Saw. Each necklace is completed by one jeweler start to finish so that all pieces fit. All pieces are plated twice to give a rich golden/silver look. Then linked by hand.

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