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The World

  • As artists we have a responsibility to bring forth the most difficult issues of our troubled world. With this collection I tackled the growing corruption that lies at the root of many world problems. We want to expose the truth. Whilst designing the collection, I also discovered that Africa is the centre of our World. Set in geography, shaped like a human heart. When the index is worn as a necklace, it sits on the wearers heart. It seems always broken, suffering, damaged, and we need to fix that.

    The unisex collection comprises 24 medium and large necklaces of carefully selected stones that have been crafted into accurate colour matched world map indexes. All of the pieces are hand-made, with the utmost precision and execution using gold and silver plated bronze as the bases which are then meticulously inlaid with semi-precious stones. There are 24 different indexes of corruption in total including nuclear weapons, conflict intensity, political instability, education, global peace, under-nourished, safe water, life span, human development, world risk, corruption index, emission and energy, HIV Aids, civil liberties, literacy rates, wealth inequality, labour under $1 a day, freedom of press, human rights, income rates, and even the map of happiness. 

    Each necklace - Wearable Art. Informs us of where the World is today. With upto date index of all forms of issues effected by corruption. 

    All stones and colours  are matched exactly to the 24 maps most recent data. Which are carefully selected to showcase and capture where we are now with The World. Truth in the form of sparkling glorious lasting jewels which pushes design, form and reason.

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