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The Real Super Stars

  • THE REAL SUPERSTARS : Once again Superfertile has broken the mould! Pushing back the frontiers of jewelry and accessories design even futher, Superfertile's new collection 'The Real Superstars' challenges us to question who truly are the great contributors to our world.

    "Too much importance and reward is given to pop stars, sports people, actors and the like," explains Creative Director, Kali Arulpragasam, "the real superstars of our world are the unsung heroes whose work is everywhere and largely taken for granted. It's as if their work shines so brightly we are blinded to the brilliant people behind these inventions. This collection is about making them shine and giving them their rightful recognition. We couldn't do everyone so we picked a broad cross section and hopefully the message will be loud and clear."

    These incredible unique pieces are necklace montages of the heads of the Superstars in question. Starting out with 2D images of the Superstars, 3D extrapolations were made which were then cast in Bronze and plated in gold and silver. Semi-precious stones have also been added to adorn the heads and make them shine even more.

    "This has been an incredible process and without question our most demanding collection to date requiring skills and technologies from the UK, India and China." states Kali, "Getting in touch with John Shepherd Barron, the inventor of ATM machine was fantastic. He was so helpful and very intrigued. He had to send us his photograph as you just can't find a clear picture of him anywhere despite the fact we are all using his machine everyday. A true Superstar to whom we are sending his head!"

    Others receiving Superfertiles award of Real Superstar include TIM BERNERS LEE for his work on the world wide web, ALEC JEFFREYS for DNA finger printing, STEVE JOBS for his contribution to computing, MARTIN COOPER of Motorola for the CELL PHONE, Nils I. Bohlin for his seat belt, Christiaan Barnard for pioneering work in Heart Surgery, Dean Kamen for clean water, GARRETT MORGAN for his Traffic Lights and KUMAR PATEL for his work on Laser technology. In addition Superfertile has widened its offering with a collection of head scarves, each one bearing the hand painted portrait of one of the Superstars.

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