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  • In the inimitable style of Superfertile’s unique brand of avant-garde, violence and elegance have been thoughtfully blended and crafted in incredible detail to produce a range of beautiful and breath taking pieces in rubies, sapphires and garnets. Bullet wounds to the head, machine gun fire to the body and knife slashes to the throat and ears are just a few of the treasures of this amazing collection.

    Superfertile creative director Kali Arulpragasam explains that her vision was to bring the murder of innocent people to the forefront. “Too many people ignore the evil that is committed around the world simply because it isn’t happening to them. If there is any lesson to learn from history, it is that we must never let violence against anyone go unchecked.”

    In relation to the new collection Arulpragasam adds, “The idea behind the Murder collection was to put on full display in a highly artistic way the horrific acts that are committed in the name of religion, justice, nationalism, political affiliation, retribution, etc. Finding the fine line between beauty and horror was very challenging but we believe that this is what we have achieved. The models used in the photo shoot were selected with ethnic and age diversity in mind to heighten the global cry and suffering. The concentration camp back drop was also carefully chosen to enhance the fear and inhumanity of what many around the world have experienced and continue to experience.”

    Arulpragasam summed up the message, “The mass media has numbed our senses with almost daily reports from around the world of genocide, suicide bombing, executions, raids, etc. We even see mass celebrations for the ending of human life. No one has the right to take anyone’s life and you can dress it up and call it as you like but in the end it has only one name and it is MURDER!

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