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  • In AW10/11, SUPERFERTILE presents a limited-edition collection of hand made pieces. After the CRA$H, for this season, we reject the glitter, the flashiness of false desire and the sparkling surfaces of deception, drawing our inspiration from the fragile mess of naked humanity.

    If MAN is the root of all problems, MAN'S kindness is the solution. We each have the power to lift another up from the gutter, to lend a hand, to offer a platform to stand on, in some cases to pull others to safety. Human kindness empowers us all and the courage that it takes to care is what inspired this collection.

    MAN-KIND is a congregation of ornaments for a better way of life, featuring sculptural human figures of painted plaster helping, climbing, and lifting each other in constellations across the wearer's body. Collective motion captured by broaches, necklaces, bracelets, and unusual accessories. Each piece required hours of shaping, moulding, sanding, layering, and laboring for which Arulpragasam jokes she could have used a little more "people power." each individual figure's color, shape, and size is unique. More fine art than fashion, the message is very simple and strong: Be kind to one another.”

    MAN-KIND is community in action: raising, holding, supporting, saving, loving, healing, cooperating, uplifting for tomorrow. Putting aside differences in faith, culture, and class to work together.


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