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  • The new collection entitled ‘Hunger’ is a range of extremely elaborate pieces using beading techniques, but in the tradition of SUPERFERTILE, as always with a difference! Staple foods such as wheat, chickpeas, corn, rice, beans, lentils have been recreated in gold and silver to highlight the priceless nature of essential foods taken for granted everyday in many parts of the developed world.  Beaded in unique shaped necklaces and bracelets.  We created our pieces exhibiting the value of food and how much one can afford depending on their income, how much they can afford to buy and displaying their wealth and their  food around their necks. Showing that some have too much. Some have too little. As some parts of the world people suffer famine and drought. This collection highlights the unjust of Humanity. Exposes the wealthy and the poor. some waste and abuse as others have nothing and starve. 

    All beaded necklaces are named by their weight in grams and kilos depending on how much beads we use and the cost of each piece will be depending on the weight and the work/staple food used.

    The message of the food Crisis was followed through, including launching the collection on the day of "World Food Day" Oct 16th.

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