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  • After tackling hunger and wars we thought we’ll get to the root of the problem. Money, which is usually the underlying thread that connects all of the world problems. SUPERFERTILE is back to reap it’s design wrath on the causes of the current economic crisis with it’s latest and aptly titled collection, CRA$H for SS10.

    SUPERFERTILE creative director, Kali Arulpragasam sums it up “Millions unemployed, pensioners losing their life savings, the US expenditure on war hit $380 Billion, business after business collapsing, homes repossessed, no health care for a huge section of the US, the list goes on and on, yet the majority of the big bosses of government, industry and banking sit pretty with over inflated salaries and a total indifference to what they have caused. It started on Wall Street and finished up on our streets and the bottom line is greed.”

    The CRA$H collection is a unique set of pendants and rings that highlight the various current economic disasters in the form of Pie Charts, Graphs, Statistics, Headlines, etc. As part of the irony, the collection is heavy on bling with each piece being made with enamel and several thousand small stones that produce a dramatic yet very contemporary look. There is even a ‘golden parachutist’ that Arulpragasam explains as being “symbolic of the greedy element of the financial world that created the worst economy since the second world war for us all to live with and then just bailed out”.

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