June 19 2015 Friday at 11:11 AM


This is Superfertile's first WARRIORS work collaborating with British photographer Alan Keohane based in Marrakech, Morocco. Creating a series of Art works to tie into Kali Arulpragasam, SUPERFERTILE + WARRIOR Project 2015/16.  Portraits and photography images for Kali Arulpragasam as a Berber Warrior for press photos for social media as she continues her work on the collection and videos, Images, creating a collections of art from Morocco to India then Africa. These images will be part of a big launch in 2016 of WARRIORS + SUPERFERTILE series that SUPERFERTILE. Art + Jewellery + Photography + Video. From Morocco, to India, to Africa. Morocco from December 26th 2014 till March 20th 2015 residing at Dar Al Ma Mun Artist residency, travelling, researching the culture of Morocco, their history, artefacts and Berber Warrior Women. To empower todays women using all creative mediums and jewellery.

Portrait/model: Kali Arulpragasam Photo: Alan Keohane created Feb 7th 2015. Made in Morocco. Photoshoot: Fellah Hotel + Dar Al Ma Mun Artist Residency, 7th Feb 2015.